If you are a new client and interested in starting therapy with Laurie, you may reach out to her at the office number (314) 607-6922 or use the contact page to reach her for in-person or TeleHealth appointments.

If you need to complete registration paperwork as a new client, please click here. Otherwise, go to and search for Laurie Bryson, therapist. Follow the links to complete registration. This is mandatory for both in-person and virtual appointments.

Existing clients in need of accessing therapy appointment may do so here. You will need your authorized username and passcode to access your account. If you need a new password link, please contact the office.

Fees, schedules and policies that are not addressed in initial paperwork will be discussed prior to your initial session. Please note that a 24 hour cancellation policy is in effect and clients will be charged for any missed appointments without notice.

Two-hour sessions or intensive sessions are available for couples. Please reach out to Laurie for more information.